CHEN Weiming, Male, Born in Hangzhou, China, Well-known Sculptor and Newspaper Publisher. Permanent Resident of the United States, citizen of New Zealand. Graduated from the Central Arts and Crafts College major in Special Arts and Crafts Decorated Sculpture in Beijing. When worked in City Sculptures Studio of Hangzhou City, designed and made a lot of large-scale city sculptures, such as Sprinkler Statues in Wulin Square, Statues of Qingtai Cloverleaf Junction, Relief in front of Chinese-Japan Amity Hotel. A dozen of the large-scale city sculptures of Chen were exhibited in Beijing, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu.
1998, Moved to New Zealand.
1989, Invited by Auckland University, produced for creative scenes and group sculptures for Survival Art Festival.In charge of design for parts of Auckland Oriental Market and production of the Four Kings.
1990, Created the 2.5-meter-high statue of Buddha Sakyamuni for Auckland City, New Zealand.
1991, Authorized by Hillary Funds Committee, create the bronze statue of Mr. Edmund Hillary over three meters, the national hero of New Zealand and the first one reached the Everest. The bronze was unveiled by the Governor-General Dame Cath Tizard, the Mayor and Mr. Edmund Hillary. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sent a congratulatory message.
For memorizing Chen’s artistic achievement, Auckland Institute of Technology wrote his story in the permanent teaching material of the college.
1993, Awarded Certificate of Maori carving by the N.V.T. Foundation. Chen is the first Chinese artist accepted by the Maori.
1994, Chen’s artistic achievements were written in the Dictionary of the Achievements of World Chinese Artists in Hong Kong.
1996, Created 2.8-meter-high statue of Confucius in New Zealand Chinese School.
In July of the year, the first one awarded the Professional Chinese Achievement in New Zealand, appraised by New Zealand Royal Science Institution and the prize was issued by Vice Premier and Foreign Minister, Mr. Hon Donmckinnor.
The same year, New Zealand National TV Station produced the Feature Film Artist CHEN Weiming.

In addition, Chen established Chinese Newspaper New Times Weekly. It has become the mirror of successful Chinese enterprise in New Zealand, which is a huge contribution in spreading Chinese in the world.
1999, Chen was written in Dictionary of World well-known Chinese of the Time published by China Literature United.
2001, Obtained green card of the United States as an extraordinary person.
During 911 Affair, designed a lot of artistic propagandistic productions in New York United Square in the United State.
2002, Invited by International Han-Tibet Association, went to Dharamsala, India to sculpture the bronze for Dalai Lama.
2003, Created the bronze for the prize of the Beauty Contest in New Zealand.
2005, Created the 8-meter-high symbol sculpture (stainless steel material) for Ankang Company in Manukau, New Zealand.
2008, Created Statue of Mr. President, Obama Barack for CA Democracy Party (Imitated copper material). Exhibited in the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. in October, 2009.
Created Statue of Democratic Goddess, 6.4 meters high, imitated copper material and exhibited in the front of the U.S Congress in Washington D.C.
2008-2009 Created Statues of Free Way of Tibet (imitated copper material) and was unveiled in New York on March 10, 2009. It was also exhibited in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taiwan in July, 2009 and was moved to Dharamsara, India and permanently placed there.
2009, Completed large-scale relief Tiananmen Massacre, 6.4 meters wide, 3.2 meters high in June.
Created Statue of Speaker, Nancy Pelosi in July.
Created Bop Style Relief Berlin Wall Series in August.
Chen’s works were exhibited in Manhattan National Art Club in New York in September and in the Hall of U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. in October.